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What are some pain points? Collaboration, development

Check out a branch, push up the branch, and it has the copy of the code and data. Site you're looking at would be identical to production set (just, you know, with the branch code)

Tagline is "Deploy Friday". If you have a git integration, when you push to master, PRs get rebuilt so keeps it up to date against latest copy of master branch.


$5 hanging out of pocket. Rock Paper Scissors competition. Someone won!

Taylor Otwell Bobblehead Giveaway

Who has the geekiest tattoo? The guy with a code symbol and "executing" in Morse code!


Will Capozzoli

Sentry attaches to global error handler.

Why? Customer calls support, support reaches out to team lead, front-end engineer, api, an through that, maybe a solution...?

Sentry SDK library will parse through events. Capture errors, sends them as events. Can notify the right people, can notify customer, can hook into git.

Also has tracing, some suspect commits


In a world where technology grows more complex...one content management system is going back to the past. You can write websites in HTML and CSS as Al Gore intended

You can build anything*

statamic.com and v3.statamic.com

Also, David Hasslehoff


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Nu Image Medical

Built on Laravel, medical software communications between doctors and patients and such. "Uber" for Doctors, HIPAA Compliant Video and Chat, Virtual Waiting Room